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The Company have only in the last few years started to build their brand by sponsoring of sports clubs, individual athletes and big international sporting events. Herbalife have become number one in the world without advertising, but solely by word of mouth - made possible by superior products giving customers and athletes fantastic results!

















LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy is an American Soccer Club based in Los Angeles. The LA Galaxy, which plays home matches at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. This was one of the first sports teams sponsored by Herbalife and players depicted may have changed.

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Attila Vajda

Olympic gold medalist in Flatwater Canoeing, Peking 2008.

"When I’m feeling tired and can’t concentrate, I take Liftoff®. I recommend it to everyone."*   

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Else Lautala

She is a three-time World Champion in Fitness competitions.

"I feel healthier and stronger since I started using
Herbalife® products. I’m able to focus on my training
and nutrition so I can reach my future goals!"*

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Tour of California

The amerikan equivalent to Tour de France.


Herbalife have sponsored Lidingöloppet, the biggest cross country run in the world, since 2006.

The Chinese Cycling Team

Herbalife® products are the preferred nutritional products used by the Chinese cycling teams 

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Sebastian Bayer

At age 23 he became European Champion in Long Jump, 2009.

"Whether I’m practicing or revving up for a big competition, H3O Pro™ Isotonic Drink and Liftoff® really take my game to the next level."* 

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Herbalife have sponsored Holmenkollstafetten four years in a row.


ITU - International Triathlon Union

Herbalife support the ITU


Filip Grgic

Filip Grgić has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since he was four, and started actively competing at 11 years of age. At 17, Filip became the youngest Senior World Champion.

“Herbalife’s nutrition gives me high energy levels during exercise and competitions. Formula 1 shakes help my body recover quickly and achieve top results.”*

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Eva Nyström

Eva Nyström has been a professional athlete since 2003. Her many accomplishments include being a seven-time Swedish champion in duathlon and triathlon; holding the Swedish record in Ironman.

"I experience better and faster recovery with Herbalife® products."* 

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Sergio Rodriguez

Professional basketball player, Sergio Rodriguez, plays for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers. Born in Spain, he’s considered one of the best European prospects of his age prior to joining the NBA.

“Herbalife® products provide great benefits to my game and training – I trust the products to strengthen my abilities, and they help me recover quicker after exercising.” * 

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Lee Chi Wo

Triathlete Daniel Lee Chi Wo has been competing professionally for 10 years.

He has been ranked #1 in Hong Kong for 7 years.

“While using Herbalife® products, I feel strong, fresh, healthier and more confident."*

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Moscow Marathon

Herbalife actively support and participate in the Moscow Marathon


Sergey Konyushok

Having trained as a power lifter since age 14, Ukraine’s Sergey Konyushok was a former member of the national power lifting team and a winner of several national tournaments. Since 2003, Sergey has taken part in numerous Strongman program world championships. In 2009 he set four world records in four Strongman disciplines.

“It’s all about powering up my game! Having appreciated Herbalife® nutrition products for a long time, they are of great use in preparing for significant competitions.” * 

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Townsend Bell

Townsend Bell’s is an Indycar Driver fron USA and his motorsports travels have also taken him to Europe in the FIA Formula 3000 Championship.

“I rely on Herbalife® products for better performance in my training and races. They make me feel strong, healthy and confident. It’s the fuel to my passion!” * 

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*  These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.
†  Some Herbalife® products are only available in some countries.
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