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Herbalife's Vetenskap

Nedan kopierad text direkt från Herbalife's egen hemsida:

Everything we do starts with great products; and all our products start with proven science. Herbalife is dedicated to developing innovative, effective products that comply with the highest research, development and manufacturing standards in the industry.

Research and Development Image
Research & Development

Herbalife is committed to setting the standard by which all nutrition companies are measured. We are advancing the science of nutrition through scientific research conducted around the world. Since 2003, we’ve increased our research and development expenditures dramatically to advance the product-development process.

Quality Assurance Image
Quality Assurance
Product integrity, safety and efficacy have always been critical to our company. We’ve significantly strengthened our capabilities in both science and product development as part of our commitment to providing the best science-based nutrition products. Our ingredients are common throughout the food supply. Our raw materials (including botanical ingredients) are sourced from reputable suppliers and are manufactured in accordance with established quality standards. Herbalife suppliers and manufacturers are obligated to follow Herbalife’s written procedures that are verified by our periodic audits and inspections.

Manufacturing Image
Herbalife complies with the applicable requirements of all regulatory bodies wherever we do business. In the United States, all of our products comply with and are labeled according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Outside of the United States, we comply with and are regulated by the various ministries of health and food standards agencies where we do business. Through the acquisition of assets at Micelle Laboratories, a California contract manufacturer of food and dietary supplements, we are able to enhance our global product development and supply chain to better support our dedicated independent Distributors. It allows us to increase the speed to market for new products while controlling quality along each step of the manufacturing process, from raw ingredients to finished products – part of our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Clinical Studies Image
Clinical Studies
We are currently conducting several clinical studies with major universities around the world in order to benchmark the efficacy of various products. Three clinical studies using our Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix were done: one at UCLA*, United States, one at the University of Ulm, Germany and one at Seoul National University Hospital in Korea. The studies conducted demonstrated that drinking Formula 1 shakes every day as meal replacements is an effective way to manage weight.


Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB)

As an extension of our commitment to quality and scientific integrity, Herbalife has established a Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) comprised of leading experts in the fields of nutrition and health who help educate and train our independent Distributors on the principles of nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyle.


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